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Feyachi RDS-22 2MOA Micro Red Dot Sight Compact Red Dot Scope


I got this red dot about towo weeks ago and i finally got to use it yesterday in my Tavor X95. I have to say that if you want a really small, compact, and light red dot this is the one. For the price you are buying the feyachi red dot I'm not sure if you can beat that since I was hitting the target every time i pulled the trigger.The dot was very bright for a very sunny day like yesterday.After I tighten the red dot I shot about 200 rounds and it did not came loose.Did not add any weight to my riffle. This is perfect when you are running and gunning like I was doing all day when shooting with this red dot.Under 50 dollars a great red dot.I would recommend to try it out.


Feyachi WL25 Professional Tactical Flashlight 1200 Lumen LED Light

WL25 Tactical Flashlight

Great tactical flash light. I love that it comes with intergraded mount for rifle and has the presure switch. Very bright and easy to use and comes with two spare batteries. Also they are rechargeable. I love this flash light highly recommend.
Sam Soholt


Feyachi M37 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Magnifier

M37 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Magnifier

Overall I like this magnifier. The mount is very well built and solid, alignment is great. The magnifier is very solidly built and doesn't have any play in any of the adjustments. The necessary tools were included to install the magnifier to the mount and center the dot in the view. The rifle pictured has a red dot sight, offset sights and a flashlight all from Feyachi that have been great products.
Mr. Tolly


Feyachi B13 Mlok Bipod 6-9 Inch Lightweight Rilfe Bipod

Feyachi B13 Mlok Bipod

This was a bang for my buck, super sturdy, well built, fit on my gun nicely, and much more. For different types of guns I could see issues on compatibility. However, that said, it’s perfect for customizable height for different terrain. Would buy again.
Shawn Barth


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